Écoutez ce que les autres ont à dire

Le yoga a la capacité fantastique de pouvoir s'adapter à chacun de nous et à nos besoins individuels.
Vous pouvez lire comment ma pratique du yoga a affecté les clients à travers leurs témoignages.


Alexandra was an inspiration. Having done a little Pilates and no Yoga before our first session I was not sure how it was going to work on Zoom but I have to say, it was fantastic. Alexandra is so intuitive and as I was thinking something like 'I don't know where my feet should be, she would say "make sure your feet are..." '. Initially I was not able to hold some of the poses but cannot believe how strong I became in 4 weeks. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Alexandra as a Yogi.

Fiona Fewell, South Africa